So Energy is the downstream, retail operation arm of the Sahara Group. With a network of retail operations in Nigeria, Ghana and Ivory Coast. 




Recently, RAK Unity has signed several agreements with So Energy to ensure increased operational efficiency of the company.


These agreements include:


Product supply agreement: As part of our product sourcing strategy, under the term of the product supply agreement, RAK Unity has a formal supply relationship with So Energy for products at favorable terms.


Licensing agreement:  Under the licensing agreement, RAK Unity will operate it’s retails stations under the So Energy trade name prior to RAK Unity’s roll-out of it’s own brand nationally


Technical services agreement: With the execution of the TSA, So Energy provides RAK Unity with a range of technical and management services, hence allowing RAK Unity to run a lean operation, while embarking on an expansion strategy to drive increased profits and in-house competence for its operations.


These agreements enable RAK Unity optimize some non-core functions and hence enable it run a very lean but efficient organisation.


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